The real , no BS/ Lies / Ads fat loss plan

There ‘s a lot of hype out there for fat loss, buy supplement A or B or C or D or E and you lose fat fast. Lose 20 pounds in 1 week ? Lose 5 pounds in 3 days by following this diet and so and so? Let me tell you , 99% are Bull shit. Conclusion : Fuck all of them, preying on overweight people who are really trying to lose weight.

Now look, there are laws that govern fat loss, and those are pretty simple, so simple that they are painful.

CALORIES IN – CALORIES OUT = Fat gain or loss

Calories in is what we eat, calories out is what we do and the resulting deficit or excess will be translated to fat loss/gain. Adding muscle to the equation is definitely confusing but let’s revise it again.

CAL IN – CAL OUT = FAT  gain or loss + MUSCLE  gain or loss

Next, let’s take a look at the equation and analyze one component CAL OUT. We have a daily base calorie requirement , and it actually varies depending on your activity. For simplicity sake just use :

 Now this is pretty much constant and can be ramped up by activity (exercise). You can’t exactly ramp it up too much and too often, as our body needs rest after every exercise session, depending on the severity.

Exercise can be divided to 3 types

  1. Cardio
  2. Resistance
  3. A mix of both


Cardio is basically any exercise that gets your heart rate up to a certain target . A light walk, jogging, elliptical , skipping , rowing, aerobics. This is one of the most efficient calorie  out exercise.

Resistance is in simple form: any exercise that mostly aims to break your muscle down with the goal of improving muscle mass/resistance during rest periods. Sprinting, Weight lifting.

A mix of both : HIIT, weight lifting circuits – supposedly better but very taxing.

We will come back to this later in more detail , but keep in mind, exercise = 25% of the equation.

Lesson 1. 


The other 75% comes from calorie intake. If calories out is more or less constant with our daily activity, then you become fat thru : ‘ maintaining a bigger calorie in vs your calorie out (which is more or less constant if you don’t do extra exercise) ‘

Let’s say maintenance is 2000 cals, and we eat a daily 3000 cals. You might ask me how the ‘fuck’ am I going to eat 3000 cals, that’s a lot man. A dinner of 14″ cheese only pizza is +-2400 cals man, with a can of coke is additional 90 cals, add one more scoop of ice cream 300 cals, pretty close to 3000 cals.

‘I’ll just exercise it away then’.

Are we going to exercise out the 1000 cals everyday to keep our weight constant? That’s roughly an hour and a half jog EVERYDAY for an average person ? Is that sustainable for you ?

75% of your fat loss comes from your diet, you can even make it 100 % if you dont exercise at all, but that’s a huge disadvantage for you. There are five golden rules to dieting.

Rule 1.

Recognize junk food. Avoid junk food like the plague. Junk food doesn’t fill you up as nomal clean food does. Junk = calorie dense food = aka high calorie value per g/ounce

Vegetable oil  is 250 cal/oz ,sugar is 110 cal/g, rice is 37 cal /oz , potato 26 cal /oz,  oatmeal 20 cal/oz, cheddar cheese 113 cal/g , roasted chicken breast with skin is 56 cal/oz only. Memorize these figures.

All this info can be found in

Rule 2.

Weigh your food and cook it by yourself. Since you know the calorie per oz value, it makes sense to calculate the Calorie in to your mouth value.

Rule 3.

Learn your macros, protein , fat , carb. There’s so many diets now, it’s impossible to follow them all, i’d say choose whatever that suits you but count the calories and it should have all the macros. Get at least 1-1.5g perkg of your weight daily to maintain/ repair muscles. Avoid the fad diets , eat whatever you want diets, dont get caught up in a diet’s religious fervor such that you refuse to listen to logic and scientific research (it’s all about the calories) : veganism, atkins, etc.

Rule 4.

Learn the satiety list foods to stave off the hunger.

Rule 5.

Learn intermittent fasting. Try it and learn the idea of true hunger. Most obese people have fucked up their hunger signals from the gut to the brain. Most people don’t even realise that they get dopamine from eating food, so food is actually addictive. Fat loss isn’t a billion dollars industry for nothing, it’s actually hard to come off food addiction. The best way to get rid of food addiction is actually fasting intermittently. Start with 18 hour fasts, then proceed to 24 hour fasts. Get used to the thirst ( even if you can drink as much water as you want) and fruity breath , because that’s what fat burning is like – a state of ketosis. 18 hour fasts can be done 4-7 days/week, 24 hour fasts can be done at 1-2x a week.