Fat loss part 2

Now that you have learnt to count calories in minus calories out, you probably realised that you need to upkeep a constant deficit of calories weekly to lose that fat.

Now how big should that deficit be ? The ideal amount shouldn’t be too big or too small to make a difference. It should be roughly 10-25% of your maintenance calories. Maintenance cals are those cals that you burn daily from that calorie calculator ( with all your extra exercises inputted to the equation).That’s the hard part, making sure of that 10-25% of your calories every week. It’s not easy as just maintaining a net caloric deficit, but it has to be tapered down to 10-25  %. It can’t be too high, but not too low either. What this means is that we have to keep a food log and activity log.

If it’s too big, you will get sick, lose muscle , feel like crap.

How do I know a net deficit of calories will produce fat loss. can you prove it ?

Here’s a study link comparing low fat (with caloric restriction aka net caloric deficit) vs low carb. Both groups lost fat.

ref : Foster GD, et al. A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity.New England Journal of Medicine, 2003.

What’s the speed of fat loss should I expect ?

We have to assume some things for this answer : assuming you have maintenance of 2000 cals, and you cut out 20% of maintenance which is 400 calories daily. That’s roughly 2800 deficit calories a week. 1 lb of fat is about 2850 cals, so you will lose roughly 1 pound.

ref : http://www.zoeharcombe.com/standalone/1lb-does-not-equal-3500-calories/

Is it necessary for me to cheat on my diets ?

Studies say yes, make sure to trigger insulin release. Leptin decreases as you follow a net caloric restriction. Leptin is a hormone that’s proven to regulate the body fat, decreases as you lose that fat, zooms back up when you refeed those calories. It means one day a week, you should eat at maintenance to 10% above, the other 6 days deficit.

Ref: Effect of Fasting, Refeeding, and Dietary Fat Restriction on Plasma Leptin Levels 

, , , , , and

Acute and Chronic Effect of Insulin on Leptin Production in Humans: Studies In Vivo and In Vitro Jerzy W Kolaczynski


What’s most important in the fat loss program?

  1. CONSISTENT mental strength- motivation -> the ability to go after your goal everyday
  2. Acceptance of slipping once in a while -> You just climbed 200 steps of stairs and you slipped fell down lost 10 steps, you gonna give up the whole 195 steps or ?
  3. Measurements/ log your results . Weigh yourself and measure your waist and hip once a week at a fixed time (usually when you wake up). Your weight fluctuates a lot and doesn’t reflect the whole picture because of water.  If you are super fat more than 50%, initially you will find yourself losing a lot of weight more rapidly, then it will start to taper.
  4. Injury and sickness avoidance. Consult with your doctor first if you have a health condition.
  5. Sleeping enough. When you do resistance training or HIIT, your muscle will be damaged, so you recover the muscles while resting.
  6. Start small and improve, and don’t do drastic changes. The story of Jesse Shand, an internet troll who lost hundreds of lbs, showed that making baby steps do work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8svuSIYQu74

If you can lose 1 lb a week of fat, to lose 20 lbs, you will need 20 weeks. That’s a whopping 5 months. You need to keep logging in that caloric deficit constantly for a whole 5 months, so having a ‘doable’ exercise program and diet program for a whole 5 months is imperative.




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