Emphasis on fixing diet

Now that we know 75% of our deficit is determined by our diet, how do we make sure that we don’t screw up.

I mean that it’s easy to say that today I’m gonna eat so and so only which is about 1800 calories, but most of the time we fuck up. We stick to the food plan, then suddenly we crave for some junk food and we binge. It’s easy to point fingers and blame a person’s willpower is weak, not motivated and similar things like that, but most people can’t even explain wtf is happening and wrong.

When you eat food, your brain produces dopamine, a feel good chemical same as when you take cocaine.

Ref : Food reward and cocaine increase extracellular dopamine in the nucleus accumbens as measured by microdialysis

If we study an anorexic person, who’s dying and still refuses to eat ( which a normal person would regard as ridiculous), we can probably find answers.

Ref :

Dysregulation of brain reward systems in eating disorders: neurochemical information from animal models of binge eating, bulimia nervosa, and anorexia nervosa.

Avena NM1, Bocarsly ME.

Junk food exacerbates this problem, there are many things in there that actually fucks up your brain. The solution is to scale back from junk food as fast as possible. Slowly scale down the junk food : msg laden food, fat filled food (fried food), sweet stuff.

JUNK FOOD = Coke , Pepsi , POPs, potato chips, cereal , fried stuff, kfc, pizza, donuts, french fries, fruit juice, chocolate milk, sweet milk, hot dogs and ice cream. To sum it up , anything that’s sweet, fried, fatty and contains msg – could be classified as junkfood.

So what should you eat ? A lot of fibers, salad, vegetables, baked/steamed foods , baked sweet potato/ potato ( with no butter), boiled/baked chicken/beef/pork , oatmeal, fish, low fat milk,fish oil and apples/strawberries/oranges.

And yes, you are going to have to learn to cook and prepare your meals. Make it habitual to eat well, cook/prepare your food, avoid junk food like the plague, learn fasting .

The slower you lose it, the better….. Dont follow a crash exercise , diet regime like the biggest loser.


You are going to gain it all back again in no time, if you dont make it a habit to AVOID junk food .

 You have to keep a food log, tabulating everything you eat and drink. You should also note the fullness of each meal, how long did it take before you feel hungry. Some meals can be more satiating than others, so don’t just go by the calorie table and start looking at the satiety index.

Skipping your breakfast is

So here are the things you have to do to clean up diet :

  1. Stop junk food, go clean asap.
  2. Cook your own food whenever possible, if you can’t cook you’re exposed to many additional calories/msg in the restaurants’ secret sauce, dips etc. Cook once in the morning, and bring a lunch/dinner box to work.
  3. Keep a food log, log what/how much you are eating. Note how satiated you are after each individual meal.
  4. You only need roughly 1-1.5g protein perkg of your lean body weight , much less than that if you have high body fat%. Get some salmon fish (non polluted) oils daily and avoid cooking oil (transfat).
  5. Skip your breakfast. EVERY DAMN DAY. Eat an 8-10 hour window. Fast at least 15 hours a day. You still need to count your weekly calories, intermittent fasting is not magic where you skip 1 meal and overeat  (cals) the other 2 meals.


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