Things that you might need to buy

Do I need to buy protein powder, preworkout , p90x program, gym membership, creatine, books and etc ?

Fat loss industry = MULTI BILLION dollar industry. Some people offer magic pills, supplements just to boost fat loss and give you that desired body. A few of these supplements do work but have side effects, let’s look at some of them :

p90x, gym membership, crossfit – For fat loss, all these actually goes into Calories out region, as long as you do them , I dont see why not. However, some of the prescribed vids, exercises are not for NEWBIES and are too hard/ strenous and may cause injuries if you don’t rest enough. Never ever force yourself to do anything that’s too difficult go at it one step at a time. Be flexible and gauge yourself. Advance slowly and tailor your own program. For fat loss, simple aerobics/walk is usually a good calorie out machine, lifting weights aka resistance training is used to build muscles. Don’t do something that you hate doing, but also don’t judge an exercise before trying it at least 3 x. Don’t fall for idiotic ideas , a good example is spot reduction,  you can’t reduce that fat tummy by doing 200 sit ups a day, all you get is an injured back and neck, you have to keep maintaining that calorie deficit to lose all that fat and get that six pack.

Greentea – A few research been done on this supplement , apparently improves fat oxidation -> but you still need to maintain that caloric deficit.

Creatine – Improves ATP , but not necessary – good if you want to build muscles, get that extra rep. Not much side effects. Will add water weight.

DNP- It supposedly works but it’s an uncontrolled substance and is fatal if you take too much. It’s hard to gauge the accuracy of dosage. Not without adverse side effects. Don’t do it.

Steroids – This has been researched……… It apparently works which is messed up, but it has a lot of side effects and could stunt your hormone production in the future. Not reccomended unless you need Testosterone Replacement Therapy. More widely used to gain mass instead of fat loss and incorrect administration/ lack of Proper PCT can ruin your hormonal balance.

Caffeine – works as an energy booster and appetite suppressant .

Band surgery/ lippo – works but not without risks and failures.

Clen – Study showed it works but dangerous. Again an uncontrolled substance , not without side effects can be fatal.

Ephederine/ Ma Huang – controlled substance, not withoout risks, energy booster and appetite suppressant studies showed it worked better taken without caffeine. Can be fatal.

Food scale and books to record food and training and measuring tape- This is actually what you really need . You can weigh your food, apps like myfitnesspal, calorie king and record your training. Weekly measurements of your waist and hips are imperative.



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