Metabolic damage and myths

  1. When you starve yourself too long , your metabolism will slow to a crawl and you will gain fat instead or reach a plateau and screw up your body. So fasting is bad and you should eat small frequent meals to stoke the metabolic fire.

How true is that sentence above ?

Answer is all here , and I wouldn’t claim any credit.


2. Cardio makes you fat- Look you keep doing cardio and you become resistant to it and you dont lose as much fat as before. So you have to cycle it with resistance training because your metabolism ……. BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA.

Wow I was like wtf when I hear people or internet GURUS (mostly fake natties) who make stupid and unscientific claims like this. Let’s ask these idiots to go back to the basics on how to gain fat in the first place and we retrace from there.


As you can see from this equation , doing cardio increases the calories out section not the other way round. But I did cardio , I lost weight initially and I got a plateau and I’m not losing fat anymore ? That’s pretty simply because you are not establishing a caloric deficit. But I did the same diet and I’m stuck. A lot of people don’t know this, but lighter people burns less calories than heavier people.

To prove this  simple logic: lift a 20 kg dumbbell vs a 5 kg dumbbell , which is heavier ? So if you lost 15 kgs and are doing the same exercises with the same intensity with the same duration with the same schedule – it’s fairly LOGICAL to infer you are going to burn less calories. So you have to readjust your diet aka cal in again…..

3. Muscle burns a shit load more calories than fats

This isn’t true obviously……. You wont really burn much more calories unless you’re actually working out to maintain those muscles aka wear and tear then rebuild.

How Many Calories Does 1lb of Muscle Burn?





Now that you have your diet more or less counted, let’s talk about exercise. There are so many types which one is the most effective ?

Note that generally there are only three types of exercises :

-resistance training like lifting weights.

-cardio like jogging or swimming or even walking.

-mix of both like swimming really2 fast or sprinting or HIIT.


Resistance training

The idea behind this is to CONSTRUCTIVELY damage your muscle and rebuild them during rest.


Train your heart can be low or can be high usually a % of your max heart rate, maintain a stable heart rate for a duration, or spike heart rate up.


Max effort sprint or cycle or swimming for 30 s followed by rest and max effort again rinse and repeat. VERY2 tiring. Kinda like a mix of both cardio and resistance.


The most efficient exercise for fat loss is something which you can do comfortably for a long time with minimal resting period. Like forever after with minimal risk of INJURY. For beginners i suggest light cardio like walking briskly or slow jog or swimming. Resistance training is good but not really optimal for total beginners because the you have to slowly learn the proper form and repetitions !! It’s possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, if you are very fat. Go for 2 sets x (6 to 10) reps , each set done till 1-3 reps before failure, record each session.

On the other hand, HIIT is definitely not recommended, as it’s very draining on the cns (central nervous system) and energy level. It needs a high recovery time.

Light walking or light swimming or light biking may sound weak and puny. If you like to jog or walk and are very heavy – please buy/invest a good knee support. A good knee support is shaped like a bandage , where you can adjust the tightness of the wrap. Even if you do elliptical, it will still be very2 useful in keeping your knee safe. Always prioritize avoiding injuries.

However when you do them for an hour you can burn 200-300 calories if you are 200 lbs. AND you can do it everyday, with low risk of injury. Remember you only need  roughly a 10-20% caloric deficit of your maintenance, a maintenance of 2000 calories will yield 200-300 caloric deficit required. Just that an hour walk/swim/bike everyday and eating maintenance will work wonders.

The idea of resistance training is to damage your muscle CONSTRUCTIVELY and getting enough stimulus for it to GROW given SUFFICIENT REST and nutrients(calories and protein). You are likely to gain some fat during muscle building…… The idea is to do weight training and getting 10-15% maintenance caloric surplus + eating enough proteins and carbs + enough rest. It’s still possible to lose fat there’s a study that actually suggests that the calories for resistance training are not calculated correctly and are understated……