Fallacies and rants

  1. Only exercise is necessary – The equation is calories in and calories out. The cal in has to be controlled.
  2. I need to read a lot of new info to maximize my fat loss – Every diet that deviates from net caloric deficit eventually comes back to it. The take home message is to maintain roughly on average  deficit of 10-20% net daily caloric expenditure.
  3. This diet is gonna make me lose so and so lbs in so many days – The only thing you lose is water in these fad diets.
  4. I cant exercise no gym membership/ money to buy equipments – You can always walk around the estate or even do hand aerobics if you can’t walk.
  5. I cant cook , I never did – There’s no way around this man, you have to weigh and cook your own food. Buying food outside is kinda unreliable.
  6. When I go to the gym , I find I can’t lift or treadmill as heavy as those guys – compare yourself in the past to yourself now and to yourself in the future. Keep those exercise logs , this isn’t exactly a competition between u and the others. Imagine those guys running in the treadmill carrying the same amount of fat as you, obviously it’s more tiring that way.
  7. I dont think I can lose this much , I ‘m so way overweight – I’ve seen people who really lost a lot, just google Jesse shand. He lost like 350 lbs and the idea is to segment your weight loss programme into installments. The first thing is to believe that it can be done- then you start doing it – then you do it consistently then you make it a habit.
  8. I must eat 9x a day to stoke my metabolism – This is way fake. They did a research on this.
  9. Doing HIIT will burn me 5x more calories than LISS – a 2006 study compared it and it only burnt 20% more compared to normal cardio/ LISS , calories were measured in a metabolic chamber.  A lot of people were stumped obviously, but being lazy doesn’t cut it.
  10. You will lose a lot of muscle when cutting – This depends on a few things, the magnitude of the calorie deficit and whether you do resistance training or not. Despite all these hype about muscle loss, you can gain it back pretty fast, especially if you do a caloric surplus combines with resistance. The reason why we ask you to maintain a daily caloric deficit of 20% is because we don’t want you to lose too many muscle (and that makes calorie counting essential) .
  11. I need to use protein shake to cut – It’s better to use the solid form like lean meat simply because it digests slower and keeps you full longer.