The true diet

In the beginning, remember we had the low fat diet ? Then we had the calorie diet. After a while, we have keto then we have low carb. Now we have intermittent fasting which has 2 versions – Eat Stop Eat (which is somewhat similar to Warrior Diet) and Leangains. The list goes on – unlimited vegetarian, leptin diet, cheating diet. carb backloading, no grains, carb cycling and many more. So instead of a lack of information, we have too much information now that needs to be disseminated to discover their efficiency.

So which one is the true diet that we should follow and stick to ? Is it anything listed above ? Or is it a combination ?  Choose no more, the true diet starts from the inside. You know that you have to count calories, you know that you have to weigh your food, you know you aren’t supposed to eat junk food, you know the satiety index, you know so many things. However we still fail, or most of us still falls into that category.

The true diet starts by being proactive and counting those calories, weighing your food, throwing away junk food, choosing foods that will satiate you better. Be proactive and start making it a habit. Motivate yourself everyday. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but you still need to do it to prevent heart disease, diabetes. You should understand that you have to lose those fat slowly to prevent metabolic damage, so be patient. Although I did say metabolic damage is ‘negligible’ however being under severe caloric deficit like 50% (1000 cals or more) for a few weeks can be detrimental.( ) Danny Cahill went on a huge caloric deficit during the show, then they discovered that he had 800 cal less daily metabolic burn. They were going on at least 2000 caloric deficits a day and their body recompensates by lowering that metabolism. From the evolutional standpoint it makes perfect sense, 6 years of famine then 6 years of abundance and the cycle can go in. These guys are the ones that will most likely survive under a long period of famine, because they only need to consume roughly 800 calories to maintain their body.

If you are proactive and you already do these stuff and you still fail because you cheat on those donuts and mcdonalds and feel really2 bad. Hey you that means you fall under the normal range of dieters. You should be a food/carb addict, I’m not exactly joking. When you ingest junk food your brain releases dopamine, which will lead to powerful cravings. How do we cure food addiction ? First we have to realize that we are addicts then we have to go cold turkey, kill all of those junk food or we slowly phase them out from the diet.